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Where do you operate?

Our head office is located in Burnaby, British Columbia. We maintain a warehouse in Leduc, Alberta, and our aramid recycling facility operates in Val-des-Sources, Quebec. We are able to work with customers across North America and internationally.

Do you accept used aramid garments without a recycling program in place?


No, we operate in a closed-loop manner only. Given the huge amount of textile waste in the marketplace, we require an avenue to bring recycled fibre back to market.

Do you produce recycled fibre, yarn, fabric, and garments?


Our primary goal is to work with an end-user's existing value chain to recycle used garments and fabric scraps. Once in fibre form, we can either sell fibre to the end-user's preferred yarn spinner, or we can spin recycled yarn through our own value chain.


We do have the ability to also weave and/or knit recycled fabrics through our own value chain, but we prefer to work with a customer's existing value chain to bring recycled product back to market.

Can you recycle garments and fabric blends that only include aramids?


Currently, we recycle garments and fabrics containing meta and para-aramids and various aramid blends, including modacrylics and FR viscose. We are happy to speak with customers regarding other blends.

Do you also recycle polyester and/or nylon fabrics and garments?


Our machinery is easily able to shred polyester and nylon. However, there would be an additional cost to account for the cleaning process that would be required following a non-FR run in order to avoid contamination in our line.

Are there additional costs associated with closed-loop garment recycling?


We work with end-users to identify the costs of their current textile waste disposal system. These costs can include cleaning, handling, transportation, disposal contracts, etc. In our experience, the cost of a closed-loop recycling system DOES NOT surpass a customer's already existing disposal costs. 

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