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Garments produced using meta and para-aramid fabrics are 100% non-biodegradable. Even if aramid garments were to break down, the residual chemicals released in the landfill would be toxic. The clear solution is to keep used aramid garments and fabrics out of landfills to begin with. 


General Recycled is able to provide an environmentally responsible and economically sound closed loop cycle solution for Flame Resistant work wear. 


Our manufacturing process begins by working with end-users and their respective value chain manufacturers. We accept FR garments that have come to the end of their life cycles and are ready to be disposed of. Once cleaned, the used FR garments continue on through the next steps in our process:


Shredding, Blending, and Creating Recycled Aramid Yarn,


Weaving and Knitting Recycled Aramid Fabrics,


Dying and Finishing Recycled Aramid Fabrics

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