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Weaving and Knitting Recycled Aramid Fabrics

Once blended with the appropriate virgin Flame Resistant fibre, recycled aramid fibre can be processed using a Ring Spun, Air Jet, Vortex, or Open-end spinning process. Recycled aramid fibres have performed as expected using all noted methods of yarn spinning.   

Recycled aramid yarns have been used to weave both twill fabrics and plain weave fabrics in a variety of weight configurations without issue.  Once at the weaving stage, recycled aramids are processed the same way as virgin fabrics.  All recycled aramid fabrics meet the appropriate tensile and tear strength specifications within the desired applicable Flame Resistant standard.

Weaving recycled twill fabric.jpg

Recycled aramid yarns have been used to knit a variety of different fleece products: 2 end, 3 end conventional sweatshirt fleece, as well as recycled Polar fleece.  Recycled aramid yarns have also been used to knit a variety of base-layer Flame Resistant fabrics in jersey, interlock, and plaited jersey.  Course count recycled aramid yarns have been used for jacket cuff production, as well as cut-sleeve protection, and recent trials have proven successful in non woven needle punch applications.

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