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Shredding, Blending, and Creating Recycled Aramid Yarn

General Recycled's shredding system was specifically built to process used aramid garments and fabrics which are, pound for pound, many times stronger that steel.

Used garments and fabric scraps are processed separately by lot and colour.  At our Quebec facility, cuttings are fed into a blending box, then drawn into the system where the shredding process begins. The cuttings travel through the line into multiple twin carding and opening systems, prior to accumulating as fibre in the hopper, and finally being processed in our baling system.  

Blending Box 2.jpg
GR...recycled aramid bale  Sept. 1, 2021 Val-des-Sources. Qc.jpg

General Recycled is happy to work within our customers' existing value chains for yarn and fabric production, or we can produce recycled yarn and fabric through our own value chain. 

Once recycled fibre is sent to the designated yarn spinner, the recycled fibre is blended with virgin fibre, and spun into the appropriate yarn counts.  Recycled aramid fibre can be blended with dyeable virgin fibre, or Solution dyed or Dope dyed virgin fibre.  Depending on the application and yarn counts required, the recycled fibre content can vary from 20-50%. 


All recycled aramid yarns and resulting fabrics can be recycled repeatedly.  

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